What should
a correct face mask
be made of?




Melt Blown



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Your facial protection
should be correct

We need to protect ourselves properly! The first and main means of virus transmission is the respiratory tract, which is why it’s critical to focus on this area. The easiest way to prevent virus transmission is to wear a protective face mask. But it needs to be EFFECTIVE.

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Attention: Beware of Knockoffs!

Always pay attention to who the manufacturer of the protective equipment is and do not buy face masks at suspicious locations. This might mean they could have been produced in unsanitary conditions without complying with the technological standards. In some cases, such products may cause harm to your health. Face masks made from improvised materials do not have the required filtration, absorption, hydroscopic or electrostatic properties that prevent harmful microparticles from entering your airways.


To business partners

Meltblown made by Abifarm has a protection level of 99.9%

- high-quality (rigid and blow-through at a high level)
- 99.9% filtration
- biodegradable material
- additional charcoal filtration
- special offers


To distributors

By selling Abifarm face masks, you protect the community and our planet

- the eco-friendly line (face masks are made with biodegradable materials)
- wholesale starts from 10 000 pcs
- flexible payment system


Protect your employees and their families with Abifarm

- a mask test kit for free
- discounts for orders starts from 1000 pcs
- an eco bonus and gratitude of our planet